Initial Ramblings

Sadly, it has taken me 30 years to figure out what I want to be when I grow up.

current plans: Tattoo Artist and Writer

This is however open to change. Not to mention, finding a mentor for the first is not as easy as one would think. Work in progress.

I am indecisive, insecure, and highly intelligent. Most of my problem is that I over analyze every single detail of every decision that I make. Sometimes it makes things difficult.

I remember reading about Albert Einstein, and I learned that he wore identical outfits every day. Because Einstein was so highly intelligent and constantly analyzing data, theories, and facts; simple decisions and tasks were extremely difficult for him, so in order to devote his mental resources to his work, he kept the simple things simple. Now, I am definitely nowhere near as intelligent as Einstein. I honestly would never even attempt to classify myself as a genius, but my mind is constantly working. Thoughts and ideas are always cycling through my mind, like the system processes on a computer. Have you ever noticed when you open your task manager, that even when you aren’t running any programs, if you switch to the processes or services tab there are dozens of things going on? That is how my mind feels 95% of the time.

I guess the best way to describe me is by using the term “Scatter-Brained,” and this term works pretty well, as far as descriptors go. In fact it is probably the most accurate of any descriptor that has been used to explain my thought process, behavior, or even my personality. I spent a large portion of my life being described simply as a “Blonde,” but I don’t consider this stereotype to be a very fair analysis of the majority that it describes. I am in no way “dumb,” although understandably, I have been labeled as such if met in the midst of one of my not so held together moments.

I have tried to explain these descriptors to my daughter during a conversation about her being a “blonde,” because she had taken the term to mean that she was being called stupid. However, her and I both know that she is not in any way stupid. I told her that in being called a “blonde,” it was simply being noted that she was… (I had to search for an accurate way to describe it, which was a difficult task)… “ditzy,” or “dingy,” and that neither of these terms in my opinion actually meant stupid. I had to explain, that while most of our family, including myself, know that she is an absolutely brilliant child, she had a tendency to misplace her left brain and the right brain would take over leaving a bit of a mess in its path. I also explained that I live with the same tendencies. We are in fact quite intelligent, however, sometimes, common sense somehow disappears from some of our thought or decision making processes.

Just like my mother, and sadly my daughter is right on my tail, I am quick to lose track of what is going on in my head. I have grown up learning how to deal with some of these shortcomings. The problem is though, I have not fully mastered the issue. If you become an avid reader of my possibly nonsensical ramblings, then you will soon become accustomed to my vulnerability to wandering off on some wild adventure into my right brain in instances that my left brain is standing alone in a field saying “What the Duck just happened?” (also I will mention that I am a fan of that word, and I really don’t mean the word commonly used by auto-correct that I have filled in above, but I will do my best to keep it clean. I have in fact decided that I will follow suit with auto-correct and fill in with the lovely quacking fowl.) I sometimes pity my left brain, it does not get to experience anywhere near the amount of fun that the remaining me finds itself dabbling in. I am the type that will often walk into a room with an actual plan, only to discover that I have walked into some kind of vortex that rips my thoughts right out of my head, and I am left standing there wondering what I was intending to do upon entry into said room, only to remember about twenty minutes later when I have returned to a comfortable position in either the living room or my bedroom. Additionally, it is usually my stomach that has to remind me that “hey genius, weren’t you supposed to be finding me some chocolate,” or some such nonsensical rambling of my stomach. Chocolate is probably the winning majority vote in most cases.

On a side note, I am determined to try fudge dipped bacon, simply on the basis that chocolate makes everything better and bacon makes everything better, therefore by default… chocolate covered bacon!


There is no way that could end badly! (Bear/Bare with me though, I have never attempted the pairing so I could be absolutely incorrect here, but I will keep you posted. I have recently acquired a tealight fondu warmer and recipe for chocolate fondu, so Stay Tuned. 🙂  and your thoughts are definitely welcome.


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